Conor McGregor’s Phone Smeshing Victim is “Made Whole,” Drops All Charges

The felony robbery charges were pretty much nonsense to begin with, but Conor McGregor is officially off the hook following his arrest in Miami in March. Florida prosecutors announced they’re dropping all charges against the fighter after “victim” Ahmed Abdirzak has withdrawn from participation in the case. In addition to the original felony robbery (which was later reduced to a lesser charge), law enforcement had been pursuing a case for criminal mischief against McGregor.

Apparently Abdirzak–a tourist from the UK whose phone McGregor smashed while being photographed without permission–has left the United States and is no longer cooperating with the case. The statement from the state’s attorney’s office doesn’t explicitly say this is because Abdirzak has settled his civil case with McGregor out of court…but it does say McGregor did something to make his victim feel “made whole” again, so yeah, they settled their civil case:

Complete notes from ASA Khalil Madani can be found here.

Charges had been filed against McGregor on March 26, 2019, following an incident outside a Miami hotel. TMZ released footage of the altercation, wherein the fighter snatches a phone away from an overeager Abdirzak. The video had fueled demands for Florida to pursue aggressive legal action against the international star. McGregor had originally be threatened with twenty years of prison if successfully prosecuted.


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