Could We See Keenan Cornelius Vs. Dillon Danis At ADCC?

Dillon Danis has popped up in martial arts news once again after being targeted by Khabib Nurmagomedov at a UFC 229 brawl over the weekend. Many people have been poking a bit of fun over the incident, and Keenan Cornelius was one of the many people to have a laugh on social media about it.

Danis apparently didn’t appreciate Cornelius’ take on the situation and sent Cornelius a message telling him to “talk shit in person.” Cornelius fired back that Danis hadn’t been to a jiu-jitsu event “in years” and added a comment of “Oh look it’s Dillion [sic] not actually ever wanting to have a match with me.” (Danis’ last BJJ competition was at ADCC in 2017.) Well, ADCC 2019 organizer Mo Jassim shared the screenshot of the conversation on his own Instagram story and seemed to suggest that the two could meet up at the next ADCC event.

Image Source: Mo Jassim/ Keenan Cornelius via Instagram

Who would you be rooting for in a match of Keenan vs. Dillon?


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