Craig Jones’ Brother Has Set Up A GoFundMe To Cover Anthony Johnson’s Legal Fees In Case He Punches Craig At SUG 9

Image Source: Adam Jones via Facebook

Sibling rivalries in jiu-jitsu can truly be next-level… especially when you’re the Jones brothers.

To prove it, purple belt Adam Jones (a.k.a. the brother of Craig Jones and also the guy who had this horrifying injury in 2017) has set up a GoFundMe to “cover any legal fees and fines for Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson that may occur as a result from one single punch to Craig’s head” during their match at Submission Underground 9, which will serve as the headliner for the July 7 event.

The tongue-in-cheek fundraiser is, of course, preemptive — although Johnson is a UFC veteran, his match with Craig will only feature grappling. But Adam is one of many grapplers who’s been frustrated while rolling against his brother, which is why he’s dedicated the fundraiser to “grapplers everywhere, anyone who has ever trained with Craig and/or competed against Craig.”

UPDATE: The Jiu-Jitsu Times has reached out to Adam for word on where the money ($5, at the time of this article’s completion) will go if Smith opts to not punch Craig Jones. He’s stated that, should he actually get donations, they’ll go to a thus-far undetermined domestic violence charity.


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