Craig Jones Reveals He’ll Be On Alexander Volkanovski’s Team For The Ultimate Fighter

Last week, ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones revealed that he’d be joining the next season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) as an assistant coach. While the jiu-jitsu star acknowledged that his work on TUF 29 would cut into his preparation for his Who’s Number One match against Tye Ruotolo, further details were sparse about his work on the show.

One of the big questions involved was whether Jones would be joining the team of fellow Australian Alexander Volkanovski or Brian Ortega. Since then, however, Volkanovski and Jones have revealed that the Aussies will be on the same team to coach athletes to victory.


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This will be the first season of TUF since 2018 and will end with a previously canceled fight between Volkanovski and Ortega.


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