RESULTS: Frankie Edgar Triumphs Over Cub Swanson Yet Again

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar was once again dominant when he stepped in the cage against Cub Swanson.

The two met in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 128.

The home-state crowd was firmly in Edgar’s corner when the match got started.  There was a lot of feeling out in the first two minutes. Frankie went for a single, but didn’t get anything. With a little over two minutes left, Edgar shook Swanson up when he clipped him with a right, but Cub stayed in it. Edgar slipped with a high kick, then tried to recover with a single leg, but Swanson stayed on his feet. Cub landed a huge leg kick in the last 20 seconds of the round and then went for a spinning back kick before the first round ended.

Round 2 began with more feeling out. Both fighters threw some light jabs at each other, but few significant strikes. Frankie, however, did the majority of the work, throwing a few high kicks, then going for a single while chasing Cub around the cage. Swanson looked like he had no answer to The Answer. With 20 seconds left, Cub landed a one-two, opening up a cut under the eye of Edgar. Still there, was no question as to who won that round.

Swanson opened up a bit in Round 3, but Frankie was still the one putting the pressure on. Almost halfway through, Edgar landed a big right, but Swanson returned with a body shot shortly after. Cub landed a leg kick, and Edgar rushed in for a takedown attempt. He pressed Swanson up against the cage, but again couldn’t take him down.

The two broke away from each other, and Frankie went for a high kick. Swanson landed a combination of punches, but Edgar landed one of his own. Blood ran down from the nose of Edgar, but Cub just did not go in for the kill, and it cost him the match.

Winner by unanimous decision: Frankie “The Answer” Edgar!


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