Dad teaches his son a lesson for being a bully by making him fight a pro boxer

Nothing teaches empathy like being in the same situation as the people you ignore. One father operated under this philosophy after his son repeatedly bullied other kids. He turned to boxing and enlisted the help of a professional to show what would happen if the roles were reversed.

His son entered the ring complete with gloves and headgear. The pro boxer held back but clearly outclassed the young man. He was learning a lesson through actions that rang clearer than any lecture could provide. After a while, the pro was replaced by a younger boxer that was near the son’s age. He wasn’t shy about hitting back.

At the end of this hard lesson, the young man took off his headgear to reveal a tired and beaten down shell. Now he knew what it was like for the kids he constantly terrorized. Random bullying turns the oppressed into the oppressor but controlled environments like combat sports instill discipline and restraint.


  1. Dad may have saved this young man’s life. It is a rough world out there. Young man could walk up to the wrong person, like some little old Japanese man, or an old man from the Viet Nam era who made a living going down holes and killing people. That can get someone really hurt really fast. A little respect is in order.


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