Dana White Hires Former Best Buy Worker Summer Tapasa-Sataraka For UFC Security

At the end of 2019, Summer Tapasa-Sataraka went viral when CCTV recorded her thwarting a robbery attempt from the Best Buy store in Hawaii where she used to work. Tapasa was ultimately fired from her job at the tech store for the altercation, but her efforts caught the attention of UFC president Dana White.

White offered Tapasa-Sataraka a job working security at the UFC and flew her out to Las Vegas so she could help keep things civil when Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone faced off at weigh-ins at UFC 246. Still, there were some details that had to be worked out before she was officially offered the position. Nine months later, though, White has announced that Tapasa has accepted the position and has now been working as a corporate security officer for the UFC for just over a week.

Tapasa also spoke in the announcement and confirmed her employment with the company.

Hopefully, this is the start of even more success in Tapasa’s career.


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