ADCC Will Pay For Female East Coast Trials Winners’ Flights & Hotel For West Coast Trials

Elisabeth Clay

While female competitors at the 2020 ADCC North American East Coast Trials still won’t earn an invite to the 2021 ADCC World Championship like their male counterparts, the organization has announced an update to the November 7 event that will hopefully provide more incentive for women to sign up.

ADCC has announced on social media that women will be allowed to compete at this year’s East Coast Trials, and that women who win their divisions will have their flight and hotel covered to facilitate their participation in the West Coast Trials. Female winners will also have a “high seed” when they compete at the West Coast Trials, which does provide invites for both male and female victors to compete in the promotion’s elite world championship tournament.

ADCC has been criticized for its lack of female representation over the years, with women having only two weight classes to compete in and fewer opportunities to qualify for the world championship than men. The changes to this year’s East Coast Trials are a step forward and a positive sign of progress for the organization under the guidance of host Mo Jassim.


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