The Most Dangerous Positions In BJJ

BJJ is full of effective techniques that practioners should drill over and over again. Some techniques, however, are so dangerous that they should either only be done at the upper belt level, or not at all.

Most of the techniques in this article are banned in IBJJF competition due to the risk of serious injury. However, BJJ students must be aware of them, as they may find themselves in one of these situations and have to protect themselves and their training partners.

Here is a list of these techniques.

The Most Dangerous Position In BJJ by Bernardo Faria

The head outside single has the potential to be a “pile driver” head first into the mat. A serious cervical spine injury could happen. This is prohibited for white belts in IBJJF rules.

The Most Dangerous Takedown in Judo & BJJ

Kani Basami or “leg scissors takedown” is potentially disastrous on the knee that is planted.

Inside Heel Hook

This sub alone is probably responsible for more ACL injuries than all others combined. It is only allowed in certain competition rules.

Jumping To Closed Guard

The IBJJF banned white belts from jumping to closed guard in competition for some of the reasons we see in this video. If the person standing extends one leg forward, the leg can be badly hyper extended or even broken, as we see in the second video.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

Train safe everyone!

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