Danielle Kelly on MMA Transition: “I’ll go against anyone at 105.” – FURY Pro Grappling 2 // Full Results

Merab Dvalishvili was clearly the MMA fighter in the main event, bringing a very intense energy and constantly asking Kevin Dantzler to stand up. But Dantzler was clear in his strategy, as he pulled guard right away and constantly attacked the legs. 

Dvashvili gave a little bit of trash talk after the match, “he was attacking my leg. This is nothing for me… He don’t want to stand up. He doesn’t want real grappling. I said ‘Stand up!’ He said, ‘Come down, this is grappling.’ I mean, grappling is takedown, wrestling, everything… But he was laying down like a lazy guy!”

Dantzler responded, “This is submission grappling. I have way more submissions. If he wants to run it back, we can run that s— back!” Then, immediately walked off as Dvashvili offered to do the rematch right that moment.

Danielle Kelly was in complete control for her entire 8-minute co-main event. She was quick to land an aggressive double leg takedown, then stack and pass. For the rest of the match, it was mostly about control, as Cathryn Millares showed solid defense and didn’t give anything up easily.

Kelly said that she wanted to show the diversity in her game during this match, “Obviously I wanted a submission. But for this match, I wanted to work on my top game, my takedowns. I’m not just a one-trick pony. But it feels good fighting in front of everyone in my hometown.”

When asked about transitioning to MMA, Kelly responded “I still want to do jiu-jitsu, but I’ll practice striking. I’ll go against anyone at 105.”


Kevin Dantzler def. Merab Dvalishvili via Decision

Danielle Kelly def. Cathryn Millares via Decisión 

Dylan Royce def. Sidney Outlaw via Decision

Kody Hamrah def. Gesias Cavalcante via Decision

Kristen Walsh def. Claire Guthrie via Decision

Enrique Galarza def. Robbie de la Rionda via RNC

Chrissy Briggs def. DeAnna Bennett via Inside Heel Hook

Andrew Kochel def. Paul Sims via Decision

Nick Willey def. Brett Martinez via Wristlock from Omoplata 

Christian Bobe def. Charalampos Grigoriou via Decision

Lee Meringo def. Bishop Curry via Armbar


Layla Newton def. Reagan Roxas via Decision

Brandon Smith def. Zain Ashraf via Decision

Peyton Brining def. Riley O’Neil via Armbar

Molli Zborowski def. Mia Carter via Triangle Choke

Zak Elfernani def. Griffyn Broyles via Heel Hook

Colin Cronin def. Wayne Stinson Jr. via RNC

John Mabrey def. Chris Hill via Decision

Michael Naverrate def. Max Livingston via Decision

Itso Babulaidze def. Donnie Ortega via Americana 

Josh Boyer def. Denis Gunic via Decision

Sam Vorbe vs. David Cox ends in injury

Rileigh O’Neil def. Ava Baldino via Decision


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