Day One Of ADCC Is Over. Here Are Your Semifinalists

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Thus concludes an action-packed first day of matches at the 2019 ADCC Championship, and based on today’s festivities, we can expect an exciting day of semi-finals and finals tomorrow.

After a first round of matches that included Nick Rodriguez defeating Mahamed Aly and Jon Blank claiming victory over Rustam Chsiev, the quarter-finals saw even more surprises and upsets that made the crowd leap to their feet and cheer. Now, we know who will be facing off against each other for the honor of competing in the ADCC finals:



Garcia defeats Egger via points; Vieira defeats Leve via submission.
Semi-Finals: Garcia vs. Vieira

Porfirio defeats Flowers via referee decision; Santi defeats de Jesus via points.
Semi-Finals: Porfirio vs. Santi


Mesquita defeats Bishop via submission; Davies defeats Yuasa via points.
Semi-Finals: Mesquita vs. Davies

Basilio defeats Giles via submission; Karppinen defeats Perret via points.
Semi-Finals: Basilio vs. Karppinen



Buchecha defeats Hugo via points; Kaynan Duarte defeats Yuri Simoes via points.
Semi-Finals: Buchecha vs. Duarte

Rodriguez defeats Sanchez via points; Cyborg defeats Hansen via points.
Semi-Finals: Rodriguez vs. Cyborg


Ryan defeats Spriggs via submission; Barbosa defeats Gaudio via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Ryan vs. Barbosa

Magalhaes defeats Puopolo via points; Gazola defeats Sousa via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Magalhaes vs. Gazola


Jones defeats Fowler via submission; Blank defeats Santana via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Jones vs. Blank

Hinger defeats Wardzinski via submission; Diniz defeats Arges via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Hinger vs. Diniz


Torres defeats Jackson via points; Tonon defeats Canuto via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Torres vs. Tonon

Leon defeats Lepri via points; Rocha defeats Vinicius via points.
Semi-Finals: Leon vs. Rocha


Miyao defeats Ryan via points; Mendes defeats Gabriel via referee decision.
Semi-Finals: Miyao vs. Mendes

Ruotolo defeats Mantovani via referee decision; Maciel defeats Alarcon via points.
Semi-Finals: Ruotolo vs. Maciel

We’ll keep providing updates and exclusive interviews tomorrow from right here at the Anaheim Convention center, but make sure you’re also keeping up with the action as it happens on FloGrappling!


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