Demetrious Johnson Dominates and Literally Throws Ray Borg Into Fifth-Round Armbar Finish

Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has done it…again!

The UFC Flyweight Champion is walking out of UFC 216 not only with a dominant win over challenger Ray Borg, but having set and surpassed UFC records.

The first round was all Demetrious. Johnson began attacking early with inside leg kicks, and even though he was back pedaling throughout the first half of the round, he still picked Borg apart.

Johnson took Borg’s back as Ray sat. Ray got back up. DJ returned with a body kick and Borg went in for a single. He held on while pressing Demetrious up against the fence. Johnson spun out and got on his back and punched Ray before landing in his half guard.

From there, DJ just dominated the rest of the round. By the time three minutes had passed, Johnson was up 23-0 in terms of strikes. From there, Demetrious just kept on punching, and when he wasn’t punching, he was fishing for kimuras, Americanas, and head and arm chokes.

The next four rounds told a similar tale. At times, it seemed like Ray would turn the tables, but as quickly as he turned them, Johnson turned them back. Demetrious would either wrestle Borg to the ground or reverse Borg on the ground and get to the top. From there, he used ground and pound to pick away at his opponent and hunt for submissions. By the time the fourth round came around, Johnson was up by over 100 strikes.

We have to hand it to Ray Borg. Though he was getting decimated, he kept on fighting hard. By the middle of the fifth round, it even seemed like the 24-year-old would survive all five rounds with the number one ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Johnson, however, put the idea to sleep when he took Borg’s back, literally threw him up into the air, and caught Borg in an armbar. Ray struggled and fought his heart out to escape, but it wasn’t enough.

Demetrious Johnson is now not only riding a 13-fight win streak, but has surpassed Anderson Silva’s record of most title defenses in UFC history.

Is Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson the best ever in mixed martial arts?

There’s a strong argument for believing so.


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