New Interim Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson To Conor McGregor: ‘Where You At, McNugget!’

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is the new UFC Interim Lightweight Champion!

Tony scored the third submission in a row of the night in the main event of of UFC 216 when he took on Kevin Lee.

Lee came in with a 1-2 punch and high kick. Both fighters were light on their feet and relaxed. Ferguson kept his left hand low, leaving himself open for a high kick. The two went to the ground and Lee ended up in Ferguson’s guard with his arms locked up. Tony worked for an omoplata but Lee stepped over. Kevin got into guard and landed some huge punches. As the round wound down, Lee got into mount and landed some huge punches. Tony escaped in the last seconds.

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Lee landed a late shot and got a stern warning from the referee Herb Dean.

Both fighters stayed on their feet in the second round. Ferguson landed some great shots and busted Lee’s nose when Kevin walked in with an elbow. Lee, however, landed a big right and high kick.

In the third round, Lee landed a takedown that looked like something taken straight out WWE. Kevin ended up on top, but Ferguson kept the distance by putting his legs on Lee’s hips. Tony then pushed him away. Lee then landed another double leg and and got in Ferguson’s guard. Tony came close to landing the third armbar of the night, but Lee managed to step over.

Unfortunately, he landed in a perfect position for Tony to lock his legs into a triangle. Kevin fought hard, but it wasn’t enough.

Tony Ferguson got the belt wrapped around his waist as Kevin Lee cried. Still, despite all of their trash-talking, they embraced.

Besides, Tony has his sights set on a new opponent — UFC Lightweight Champion “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, a man whom he didn’t exactly mince words with.

“Where you at McNugget, you f**king piece of sh*t! I’m going to kick your a**! You better f**king come and defend that belt! Defend or vacate, motherf**ker!” Ferguson screamed into the microphone.

Who’s ready for Tony Ferguson vs Conor McGregor?



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