Dennis Siver Beats BJ Penn Via Majority Decision

Dennis Siver has beaten BJ Penn in the first fight of the main event for UFC Fight Night 112.

Siver stayed light on his feet in the first round, keeping his opponent at bay by popping his knee up in a Muay Thai style and throwing a variety of kicks at his opponent. But he didn’t limit himself to his feet. He also threw his fair share of punches and even went for a takedown.

BJ, on the other hand, relied entirely on his fists, peppering his opponent with jabs and hard punches. The strategy paid off in the second round when “The Prodigy” landed a clean uppercut that put Siver on the ground. Dennis tried to counter with an armbar, but Penn passed to side control. However, rather than take advantage of his position and try to beat his opponent down, BJ chose to hold on, only occasionally hitting his opponent with his knees.

BJ Penn did not fight in the third round; he survived it. Siver chased him around the perimeter of the cage, throwing punches and kicks at Penn, who not only looked exhausted, but whose lead leg was bruised and obviously made it hard to walk.

By the time the fight ended, Dennis Siver’s far more active performance earned him the majority decision victory.


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