Felice Herrig Dominates Justine Kish For Unanimous Decision Win

Felice Herrig

“Little Bulldog” Felice Herrig has extended her 2-fight win streak to three with a dominant unanimous decision win over the formerly undefeated Justine Kish.

The first round was a spectacular show of grappling. The two clinched almost immediately and Kish got the takedown. Felice, however, soon ended up on her opponent’s back and began fishing for a rear naked choke. Kish worked out of it, and Felice pressed her up against the cage and fought for a sweep.

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The two ended up on the ground again, this time in Justine’s guard. Kish again went to her back and Felice got on top, then Justine rolled again, and Herrig went to half guard, then full mount. Justine rolled her to her knees again and Felice again attempted an RNC. The scramble continued until the two were up on their feet.

Herrig, however, brought the fight back to the ground one more time, but the two ended up on their feet before the round ended.

The fighters opted for a stand-up match throughout most of the second round, with both women digging their feet in and throwing shots to the face and body. Kish bled out the side of her eye, but kept coming at her opponent.

Soon enough, though, Felice brought the fight back to the ground, where she had dominated throughout the first round. Again, Herrig dictated the action in the scramble, transitioning from half, to mount, and back. Kish, however, took control towards the end, passing Felice’s armbar attempt, getting mount, then landing some shots right before the bell.

Round three was more grappling and a close finish for Felice Herrig. Little Bulldog locked in a tight RNC, but somehow Kish scrambled out of it. Still, Justine looked exhausted and barely survived the round as Herrig punched at her from her back.

By the time the round ended, there was no question of who won.

Winner by unanimous decision: Felice Herrig!


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