“Illegal Chokehold” Used By The Deputy’s Husband On Man

An off-duty deputy’s husband arrived at a restaurant on May 28 with his children. He saw a man urinating outside the restaurant. He confronted the man, and a scuffle ensued. During the fight, the man, whose name was Hernandez, was the subject of a choke-hold, as was confirmed by a cell phone video that was taken during the scuffle.

The video shows an “illegal chokehold” used by the deputy’s husband on the man.



The video was turned over to an attorney, who made the video public. It shows a man being killed, says the attorney.

More investigation and public concern is sure to follow this horrifying incident of brutality. Urinating in public does not seem to warrant death at the hands of anyone.


  1. The husband and the off duty cop need to face murder charges. A man was killed for urinating in public…sad. That was way to excessive. The guy urinated in public. He made a bad choice. We all have made bad choices, many in our youth. The cop and her husband decided to kill him..plan and simple. Hold the guy down, call uniformed officers. Don’t kill him.


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