Leandro Lo’s Back-To-Back Losses At IBJJF Worlds 2017

Leandro Lo IBJJF

The IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) is a huge global martial arts tournament. In 2017, it took place between May 31 and June 4 in Long Beach, CA. Bouts are arranged for a range of age groups, belt levels and both genders.

Nicholas Meregali Defeats Leandro Lo In Huge Upset At IBJJF World Championship

Multiple BJJ world champion, Leandro Lo, featured in two matches at the tournament – but came up short in each one. His first loss, to Nicholas Meregali, was a big upset. Early on in the bout, Meregali pulled guard and employed his spider and De La Riva guard to dominate Lo during most of the contest. Around the midway point, Lo managed to win a couple of advantage points, using a near mount and a pass. However, shortly after this, Meregali took Lo down to earn himself two additional points. Lo claimed another advantage point following a hectic scramble, which brought the crowd to their feet. Near to the end, Meregali managed to pull guard once more, then used the De La Riva technique. Lo was unable to pass, so he remained inside Meregali’s guard for the remainder of the contest. Meregali was declared the victor on points.

Marcus Almeida Buchecha Takes Open Weight Crown At IBJJF Championship

In the open weight category, Lo’s defeat to Marcus Almeida Buchecha was not such a surprise, because he was conceeding a lot of weight to his opponent. Leandro fought courageously, keeping his larger foe at bay using his guard. Nonetheless, Almeida ended up scoring a big double leg takedown to earn himself two points, before winning the bout via advantage.


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