Derrick Lewis KO’s Marcin Tybura In Home State Of Texas At UFC Fight Night 126

“The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis has done his home state of Texas proud!

Lewis took on Polish heavyweight Marcin Tybura in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 126, and he took his head off!

Less than thirty seconds in, the Black Beast threw a bomb that dropped Tybura but didn’t knock him out. Lewis went into side control, but soon found himself trying to fight off a leg lock attempt. Derrick turned out of it, though, and took the back as his opponent turtled up.

Tybura got out, however, and went to mount, then took the back. The two were up, though, and Lewis landed another bomb that sent Marcin to the ground. The Black Beast landed punch after punch, but Tybura not only survived, but managed to get Derrick onto his back.

From Lewis’ half guard, Tybura landed some short shots. Marcin moved to mount and again took the back as Lewis tried to turn out. In the final seconds, Tybura got an arm and went for an Americana, but the round ended before he could lock it in tight enough to get a tap.

Marcin threw some high kicks in the second round, but Lewis charged in with punches.

The fight went to the ground with Marcin in side control. Again he landed some short shots and again he took the back as Derrick tried to turn out. Lewis tried to shake him off, but instead turned to his back and let Marcin get mount. Yet again, Derrick exposed his back and tried to shake Marcin off, but Tyruba held on. No matter how much the Black Beast tried to scramble, his opponent stayed on him.

From mount, Marcin landed some shots, but Lewis prevented him from doing any significant damage before the round drew to a close.

The two started out the third and final round with some low and high kicks. Marcin went in for a weak takedown attempt and pressed Lewis up against the cage. He then tried to transition to a single leg but couldn’t get anything. Lewis turned the tables on him, though, and though he failed to get the takedown, he swung for the fences with both arms and knocked his opponent to the ground.

The referee soon saw enough and ended the match.

Winner by third round knockout: “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis!


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