Donald Cerrone TKO’s Yancy Medeiros In First Round At UFC Fight Night 126

Donald Cerrone is back in the win column, ladies and gentleman, earning himself a first-round victory in Texas over his good friend, Yancy Medeiros.

The two fought in the main event of UFC Fight Night 126, and they were both obviously in good spirits.

Medeiros and Cerrone started off with a hug, then a slap of the hands, but from there, it was all war. Seconds after the first bell, Cowboy and Yancy threw a flurry of punches. Medeiros was going for blood, and Cerrone wasn’t holding back, either. Yancy came at him with combos, but Cerrone countered.

Medeiros went down at one point, but got back up and slapped hands with Cerrone. Seconds later, he landed a jab right in his face. This was a friendly fight, but a fight nonetheless.

Yancy still chased Cowboy around the cage, and Cerrone tried to counter either with punches or knees.

As the final seconds wound down, Donald Cerrone landed a punch in just the right spot, and Yancy went down. Cerrone went right in on his downed opponent and landed some punches, forcing referee Herb Dean to end the fight.

Winner by TKO: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone!


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