Dillon Danis Claims He’s The ‘Highest Paid Guy In Bellator Now’

If Dillon Danis has learned one thing from his teammate, UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, it is how to promote himself.

Sure, Dillon has no MMA fights on his resume, but that is not stopping him from promoting himself like he is a star.

“I’m the highest-paid guy in Bellator now, so that’s all I can say,” Danis told host Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

Though Danis was originally hoping to get picked up by Bellator’s much bigger rival, the UFC, he told Helwani that the time was right for Bellator.

We talked to the UFC, for them it’s just hard to sign anyone who doesn’t have any fights. We were negotiating but Bellator came with money from the beginning. In the future, we’ll see what happens, but it was right this time with Bellator, the money was right, everything was right and they needed a star, you know?

Dillon Danis received his BJJ black belt under Marcelo Garcia. He is a multiple-time IBJJF black belt and has notable wins over Edwin Najmi, AJ Agazarm, and UFC fighter Joe Lauzon.

No news yet on when we will see Danis in the cage for his Bellator debut, but he will be part of the latest Submission Underground event where he will take on former UFC welterweight title contender and current WSOF fighter Jake Shields.


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