Dillon Danis And Tom DeBlass Make Up

The beef between Tom DeBlass and Dillion Danis is officially over. ┬áThat is according to a recent video posted on DeBlass’ Facebook page.

The feud between the two started months ago when Dillon not only called all of Renzo Gracie’s students “p**sies” but referred to DeBlass as “Tom DeBlass-hole.

Professor DeBlass did not take kindly to Dillon’s name calling, and promised that there would be problems if the two met face-to-face.

DeBlass, however, had mentioned in an interview with us that he would accept an apology if Dillon offered him one:

And that is precisely what Dillon did. After the Worlds this weekend in Finland, Dillon approached Tom and asked him if he would like to have lunch. DeBlass could not help but respect Dillon for approaching him “like a man” and the two talked it over and decided to bury the hatchet. DeBlass and Danis also agreed that there are much bigger problems in the world — e.g., the hurricanes which have ravaged Texas and Puerto Rico — and little feuds over name calling just weren’t worth getting mad about.

We here at the Jiu-Jitsu Times could not agree more, and we are glad to see these two jiu-jitsu superstars make up.

Let this blow your mind. @dillondanis asked to get lunch with me and talk about things, what kinda man would I be if I held a grudge. DILLON AND I ARE COOL. He approached me as a man. This world has bigger problems, let's try and solve them. So stop trying to interview me about my problems with Dillon.

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Sunday, September 24, 2017


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