Why I Love ADCC

I get as excited about the bi-annual ADCC championships as a kid does on Christmas.


Because quite simply I think it is the best grappling tournament on the planet. And I’ll do you one better by saying the competitor who wins the Absolute title is the best submission grappler on the planet on that day!

The different types of matchups are also interesting. Here is why.

Dark Horses Upsetting Grappling Legends

People you’ve never heard of submit legends. Case in point: Craig Jones (I had to look him up!) submitted Leandro Lo!

MMA Stars Versus Grappling Specialists

Over the history of the ADCC championships we’ve seen George St. Pierre, Jake Shields, and Benson Henderson contest against pure grapplers.

Superstar Against Superstar

Romulo Barral vs. Gordon “the King” Ryan — a match we would not have had a chance to see under other circumstances.

New Blood Against Multiple-Time Champions

The Danaher Death Squad bringing a team of young guys who have been killing it in sub-only events to a world class stage.

Legends Matches

Renzo versus Kikuta, Leo Viera versus the much larger Chael Sonnen. Fans love to see these unorthodox matchups.

The Absolute category was stacked with guys at the top of the food chain!

The Rules

No rule set ensures all matches will be exciting or have a 100 percent submission rate. Even sub-only formats need tie breakers.

However, ADCC rules have their benefits. The no points time period encourages the competitors to take chances and catch a submission, rather than play conservatively for fear of giving up a costly two points.

The negative guard pull encourages competitors to try to get to the top position instead of double guard pulling and butt scooting, which plague some other rule sets.

Finally, the allowance of all of the leg locks increases the danger of submission for IBJJF gi specialists who are less accustomed to defending those attacks.

Why do you love the ADCC Championships?



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