DJ Jackson Wins Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix

DJ Jackson is the winner of the Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix!

His instructor, Professor Lloyd Irvin Jr. posted about his accomplishment hours ago:

đŸ‡ș🇾 DJ Jackson becomes the first American to win the Copa Podio Event in Manaus Brazil. Team Lloyd Irvin's America's Jiu Jitsu Team does it again. The Copa Podio Middle Weight KING has been crownedAaaaayyyyđŸ‡§đŸ‡· Dj se tornou o primeiro americano a ganhar a copa pĂłdio em Manaus, no Brasil. TLI fez isso de novo. O rei do peso mĂ©dio foi coroado!!!

Posted by Lloyd Irvin Jr. on Saturday, August 12, 2017

This, of course isn’t the only accomplishment on Jackson’s long list of wins. DJ is a multiple-time IBJJF Champion as well as a Grappling Pro and Gracie World Champion. He is famous for winning the IBJJF World Championship in every belt division leading up to black belt.

Here are the full results:


Xande Ribeiro vs Roberto Cyborg Result DRAW
Fernandinho Vieira vs Marcel Gonçalves Result DRAW
Paulo Azambuja Submits Eduardo Inojosa Via choke
AndrĂ© JĂșlio Submits Adley Lobato via toe hold


  • Fellipe Trovo Submits Rubens Caveira via choke
  • Gustavo defeated William Dias by 2 points
  • Jonnatas Gracie defeated Fellipe Trovo by 1 advantage
  • William Dias defeated Rubens Caveira by 2 points
  • William Dias defeated Fellipe Trovo by 1 advantage
  • Gustavo Submits Jonnatas Gracie via armbar
  • Gustavo Submits Fellipe Trovo by manoplata
  • Jonnatas Gracie defeated Rubens Caveira by 8 pts
  • William Dias Submits Jonnatas Gracie via armbar
  • Gustavo Submits Rubens Caveira via cross choke


  • DJ Jackson defeated Tommy Langaker by points
  • Fellipe Andrew defeated Hugo Marques via botinha
  • DJ Jackson defeated Kywan Gracie by 2 advantage
  • Fellipe Andrew defeated Tommy Langaker by triangle
  • DJ Jackson defeated Fellipe Andrew by 2 advantage
  • Hugo Marques defeated Kywan Gracie by 5 points
  • DJ Jackson defeated Hugo Marques by 4-2 points
  • Tommy Langaker defeated Kywan Gracie via cross choke
  • Tommy Langaker defeated Hugo Marques by 4-2 advantage
  • Semi-finals:
    DJ Jackson defeated Gustavo Braguinha by advantage
    Fellipe Andrew defeated William Dias via footlock

DJ Jackson defeated Fellipe Andrew by advantage

3rd Place:
Gustavo Braguinha defeats William Dias


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