Don’t Get Discouraged Trying New Techniques

We all have a set of techniques that are our favorites. We know that we can rely on that sweep or guard grip when we are in a tough roll.

At the same time, we know that for our jiu-jitsu to grow, we need to experiment and add new techniques and variations to our existing skills. This is where things get tough.


Because when we initially try a new technique we just aren’t very good with it….yet. Our mechanics may be off, our timing is not sharp, or we might be using the wrong tool for the wrong job. Whatever the specific reason for the lack of success, the technique fails and we end up in a difficult position.

It is easy to get discouraged and say to yourself, “That is the last time I am trying that technique. Look where it got me,” and just go back to the old way you have always done it.

But this is a critical time in your learning of jiu-jitsu!

In these types of situations, we need to accept two things:

1) That no new technique is going to be perfect when we first start using it. You may have a deadly triangle choke now, but it wasn’t when you first tried it. It was only after many unsuccessful attempts that it became as sharp as it is now.

2) The purpose of training is to get better, not to win. This is where we have to check our ego. Nobody wants to get their guard passed and side mounted! But if you are experimenting with a new guard style or sweep, that is just what might happen. The important thing is that you are trying to build your skill and learn from what you didn’t do correctly.

I watched a first-year student tentatively try a new takedown in stand-up sparring. He was hesitant, then suddenly sprung into action stepping in for the throw. He ALMOST got the opponent down, but the opponent countered and . . .  BOOM! . . . he was taken down himself!

Now, does he get discouraged by getting countered? Or does he try it again with a little more timing and sharpness to develop that technique?

This is a difficult part of adding a new technique to your jiu-jitsu game, but a necessary part if you want to get better!

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