Draculino Tells Funny Story About The Gracie Family

Draculino was asked to tell any funny story that he could remember. He chose to tell a funny story about the Gracie family.

He talked about a time when he used to surf. He was already practicing jiu-jitsu at the time, but he frequently went surfing at his favorite place. The location was unkind to outsiders, known as haoles or howlies.

Draculino went on to explain that his ¬†friend, Marcos and him were surfing at their special place, and some howlies came and took Marcos’ wave. This upset Marcos to the point at which he wanted to fight the outsider who took his wave.

Marcos tried to gather Draculino and some other locals to give this foreigner some trouble. Unfortunately, Marcos found out from Draculino that the man whom he had cussed at and threatened was actually Rickson Gracie.

Marcos turned from a big tough guy to a frail and apologetic cry baby. He immediately started apologizing for his disrespect. Draculino shared the story in a jovial and entertaining way.


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