EBI & CJJ Announce New Female-Only Grappling Event Called “Medusa”

Eddie Bravo and the team behind EBI and CJJ will be starting a new grappling promotion called Medusa, which will be a league open only to female athletes.

News of the promotion was released earlier today, with the promoters stating their intent to help grow the competitive women’s jiu-jitsu scene.

“Our vision is to make Medusa Female Only Jiu-Jitsu into what @invictafc has become for WMMA, which is the most exciting female only MMA league in the world.

This event will become the gateway for top talent from around the world to showcase their talent and win their way up to the big stage of @combatjjworlds and @ebiofficial

This is a Platform thought and directed especially towards Women and helping Women’s Jiu-Jitsu make it to the next level. Thank you for your continued support from the creators and owners @eddiebravo10p @victordavilaufc we can’t wait to see all the talent which will be showcased in Medusa Female Only Jiu-Jitsu!”


The announcement says that the competition will host two tournaments on the same night: one operating under EBI rules and one operating under Combat Jiu-Jitsu rules. The inaugural event will take place in September of this year, and interested applicants are encouraged to message Eddie Bravo or Medusa on Instagram.

Medusa will join jiu-jitsu promotions like Submissions on the Shore and Chickjitsu in hosting exclusively female competitors. Both EBI and CJJ have previously hosted women’s tournaments.

We’ll keep you updated with news on the emergence of this new event.


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