Edwin Najmi Taps ADCC Champion Davi Ramos With RNC At ACB JJ 7

Edwin Najmi is on a roll at Absolute Championship Berkut 7 in Brazil!

The Romulo Barral black belt and IBJJF Champion started the night out well by earning the first submission of the night by tapping Thiago Abreu with a d’arce choke.

Najmi then went on to earn himself a huge win over ADCC Champion Davi Ramos in the semi-finals.

The match started out with a bang, as Ramos shot in immediately and tried to wrestle Edwin to the ground. Najmi, however, stayed on his feet.  The rest of the round was sadly uneventful, as both fighters pushed and pulled each other, but were unable to take the other down.

The second round told an entirely different tale, though. Davi landed a huge takedown on Najmi, but was unable to pass his guard. After a struggle, Najmi nailed a half guard sweep. A scramble ensued and Edwin got on his opponent’s back.

From there, it was all she wrote. Najmi sank in a rear naked choke and Ramos had no choice but to either tap or nap.

He opted for the former.

Winner by rear naked choke in the second round of the semi-finals: Edwin Najmi!


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