Marcio Andre Defeats Edwin Najmi, New ACB JJ Welterweight Champion!

Edwin Najmi started out strong, but unfortunately his streak came to a screeching halt in the finals.

Edwin took on IBJJF World Champion Marcio Andre.

Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, viewers missed the first four minutes of the first round. By the time the video returned, Andre was on his back and going for a leg lock. Edwin, however, scrambled to Marcio’s back and worked to earn himself yet another RNC finish. Andre, however, struggled out into Najmi’s guard before the round ended.

The two remained at a stalemate for the rest of the fight. They pulled, pushed, and ground their foreheads together, but neither one could take the other down.

It wasn’t until the final seconds of the final round that Andre went to the ground and tried to sink in an armbar. It may not have been much, but it may have swung the decision in his favor because he won the match via unanimous decision.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new ACB JJ Welterweight Champion: Marcio Andre!!!



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