Josh Hinger Is The NEW ACB JJ Middleweight Champion!

Three fights. Three submissions. That’s what Josh Hinger can tell the world now.

And that’s not all! Hinger is now the new ACB JJ Middleweight Champion!

Josh took on Arnaldo Oliveira in the ACB JJ middleweight finals.

Oliveira pulled guard early in round one and kept Hinger at bay with half guard. Arnaldo then went for an omoplatta, but Josh saw it and pulled out. The rest of the round saw Hinger trying to pass Arnaldo’s half guard. Oliveira pulled Josh into full guard in the final seconds of the round.

Arnaldo’s guard dominated most of the second round. However, Hinger was able to pass late in the round, although he wasn’t able to score any points as Oliveira rolled to he knees. Josh tried to sink in a guillotine, but could not get anything as the round drew to a close.

The tables turned in the third round as Josh appeared to have figured out Arnaldo’s guard. Hinger went for a guillotine and then passed to mount, then to side control. He held Oliveira down for the majority of the round and came out with 9 points.

Hinger earned another seven points in the fourth round after passing guard to mount. Though Arnaldo was able to roll out and play more of his guard, Josh had it all figured out and went in for what looked like a d’arce choke. He eventually hit a gogoplata and forced the tap.

Winner and new ACB JJ Middleweight Champion: Josh Hinger!





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