Edwin Najmi vs. Gianni Grippo Added To Summertime 3rd Coast Grappling Card

Image Source: Edwin Najmi and Gianni Grippo via Instagram

Third Coast Grappling’s June event has been the talk of the jiu-jitsu community for a while now. The promotion has regularly been releasing updates for what is going to be a stacked event, and over the past week, they’ve added a few additional big-name matchups to the event.

The first of the new additions was Ethan Crelinsten vs. Vagner Rocha. Crelinsten, who will have a Polaris match against Ashley Williams in a welterweight title fight on May 25, is a Renzo Gracie standout and ADCC veteran. He’ll provide tough competition for Rocha, whose last two competitive endeavors have left him victorious at Polaris 8 and 9. A face-off between these two is sure to bring the fireworks.

The most recently revealed match will be between Edwin Najmi and Gianni Grippo. Last year, Grippo won No-Gi Worlds, Pans, and No-Gi Pans. Najmi is also a Pans champion and has medaled on many elite stages, including Worlds and the UAEJJF World Pro. In June, we can expect a highly technical battle between these two.

Here is the up-to-date card for the event:

Craig Jones vs. Matheus Diniz

Marcelo Uirapuru vs. Gilbert Burns

Gabriel Arges vs. Kit Dale

Michael Perez vs. Jackson Sousa

Pedro Fillipe Marinho vs. Roberto Jimenez

Raul Jimenez vs. Viktor Doria

Marvin Castelle vs. Jordan Holy

Manuel Ribamar vs. Hunter Newton

Lucas Valente vs. Marcio Andre Familiabangujj

Danny Gutierrez vs. William Tackett

Logan Gonzales vs. Christos Giatras

Edwin Najmi vs. Gianni Grippo

Matheus Lutes vs. Kody Steele

Vagner Rocha vs. Ethan Crelinsten

Blake Anthony Carter vs. Christian Trinh


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