Erberth Santos Is Out Of 3rd Coast Grappling III Main Event Against Gordon Ryan

Image Source: Gordon Ryan and Erberth Santos via Instagram

In a development that’s disappointing, but not surprising, Erberth Santos and Gordon Ryan’s planned main event match at Third Coast Grappling III is no more.

The promotion made the announcement earlier today.

“As expected by most… @gordonlovesjiujitsu vs Erberth is OFF. Ill keep it professional on the reasons why but we are moving on. We wish him well at Spyder. Who wants to scrap with the King and make some $$$ in the process? Drop suggestions in the comments.”

While 3CG may have chosen the “professional” route when announcing the news, Gordon Ryan chose the “Gordon Ryan” route. In an Instagram story, Ryan let fans know exactly what he thought of Erberth’s demands that led the match to fall apart.

“Erberth has done everything he can to get out of the match with me. He was offered a generous payment by @thirdcoastgrappling and accepted. Everything was set and ready to go and then berto requested an extra 6k for direct flights from brazil to texas for him and his coach and said he wouldn’t compete otherwise. when third coast said no then he requested additional money having already agreed to a match at their initial price (which was already way too much for this sh*t bag). @erberthsantos never speak my name again you f*cking dork.”

Ryan added, “tried to pull out by complaining about heel hooks. when i agreed he needed another way out. what a f*cking pansy.”

3CG promotor Ryan McGuire told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that “Gordon Ryan’s story was pretty accurate,” confirming that Santos had continued making additional demands for the match until McGuire told him to “take a walk.” McGuire added, “I don’t want to sit here and bash the guy publicly. We wish him well.”

Santos’ departure from the card marks the second time the main event for 3CG III has been changed; Santos himself was a replacement for Rodolfo Vieira.

McGuire mentioned that since the announcement, a replacement for Santos has been decided upon and will be formally announced tomorrow.


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