F2W 154 Results: Jon Blank Submits Manuel Ribamar To Claim Bantamweight No-Gi Title

Fight 2 Win’s return to Philadelphia for F2W 154 saw their three big title matches end in submissions after an exciting night of jiu-jitsu from athletes of all sizes and levels.

Female Welterweight Gi Title

Maria Malyjasik vs. Nathiely de Jesus

De Jesus started the match by pulling guard, working in a lasso to control Malyjasik. She transitioned to a De la Riva guard, briefly knocking Malyjasik down before closing up her guard while Malyjasik pressured forward. De Jesus scooped up a leg and swept her opponent, but Malyjasik quickly reclaimed her top position while battling de Jesus’ single-leg X guard.

De Jesus came back on top and worked against Malyjasik’s spider guard, and both competitors went to the ground briefly before de Jesus reversed the position. The athletes again fell back to the ground, with de Jesus wrapping up an ankle, though Malyjasik defended as de Jesus came back on top. Malyjasik worked for a toehold and then transitioned to a kneebar as de Jesus rolled out of the first submission attempt. De Jesus tapped to the kneebar, and Malyjasik took home the win and the welterweight gi title.

Co-Main Event – Male Bantamweight No-Gi Title

Junny Ocasio vs. Jose Carlos Lima

Ocasio immediately pulled guard, and Lima tried to leap over it. Ocasio inverted and tried to secure one of his opponent’s legs, but Lima managed to escape danger. After a reset, Ocasio again tried to go for a leg, and Lima rolled out of the attack. Ocasio continued to play open guard as he chased Lima around the stage. Lima got low to try to pass Ocasio’s guard, and Ocasio countered with another invert-to-leg-entanglement attempt, which Lima escaped. A passing attempt by Lima led to Ocasio grabbing an ankle and coming up to land in Lima’s closed guard. After breaking open Lima’s guard, Ocasio sat back for a heel hook, which Lima managed to roll out of.

Ocasio resumed playing open guard, and with about three minutes left, he came up and chased Lima to the edge of the stage in an intense scramble, resulting in him getting to the back and transitioning to an armbar. Though Lima managed to defend initially, Ocasio was able to extend the arm and get the tap, getting the win and retaining his bantamweight title.

Main Event – Male Middleweight No-Gi Title

Jon Blank vs. Manuel Ribamar

Ribamar began the match by pulling guard, and Blank took an opportunity to grab a hold of Ribamar’s leg. Ribamar ended the exchange on top, with Blank playing guard and fending off his opponent’s passing attempts. Blank managed to get a leg triangle around one of Ribamar’s legs, easily working his way to an inside heel hook and getting the tap. With the win, Blank took home the bantamweight no-gi title.

– Full ResultsSubmission/Decision
Jon Blank Submits Manuel RibamarHeel Hook (New NOGI Middle Weight Champ)
Maria Malyjasiak Submits Nathiely KarolineKnee Bar (FOTN New Welter Weight Gi Champ)
Junny Ocasio Submits Jose Carlos LimaInverted Triangle (SOTN
Still Bantam Weight NOGI Title)
Alex Myers Submits Levi MouraRNC
Dennis Pressey Jr. defeats Jordan GomezSplit Decision
Nick Ronan defeats Dylan RoyceDecision
Kyle Myers defeats Kyle HughesDecision (FOTN)
Drew Puzon Submits Shawn CarnArmbar (SOTN)
Robbie de la Rionda defeats Myron KamiharaDecision
Jason Rau Defeats Bassil HafezDecision
Sarah Block defeats Tracey GoodellSplit Decicion
Daniel Tavares defeats Omar KadiDecision
– Brown Belts
Eric Naples Submits Justin StableyTepee Choke
Dez Mcdonald defeats Thomas CellamareDecision (FOTN)
Joao Costa defeats Sean McClearyDecision
Zach Shiomos defeats Ben ParrisDecision
Dillon Masington Submits John KermonBull Dog Choke (SOTN)
– Purple Belts
Cathryn Millares Submits Lauren StrausserGuillotine
Kirk Breneman Submits Alek MacPheeChoke
Caleb Livingston defeats Chris BrouseDecision
Vinny Oristaglio defeats George StrunkSplit Decision
Polo Lokko defeats Tom AndresenSplit Decision
Catherine Marino defeats Maria PascettaDecision
Laura Griffith defeats Eve IsaacsHeel Hook (FOTN)
AJ Discianni defeats James T Mullen IVHeel Hook (SOTN)
– Blue Belts
Steve Joachim Submits John FiloonRNC (SOTN)
Justin Pack Submits Sid TavolaroHead And Arm Choke
Colin Cronin Submits Nick MacciniHeel Hook
Max Livingston defeats Phil AbbottDecision FOTN


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