UFC Fight Island 6 Results: Brian Ortega Defeats The Korean Zombie In Bloody Main Event

UFC Fight Island 6 saw the return of Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung (“The Korean Zombie”) in an action-packed main event, while Jessica Andrade took on Katlyn Chookagian in a much quicker co-main event.

Co-Main Event

Katlyn Chookagian vs. Jessica Andrade

The co-main event saw a lot of action take place in just under five minutes, with Jessica Andrade finishing Katlyn Chookagian in the first round of their flyweight bout.

The fighters clashed quickly, breaking from a strike exchange to push Chookagian against the cage and taking her to the ground. Chookagian locked up her closed guard and then moved it up Andrade’s body for an armbar attempt. Andrade broke free, and the fight returned to the feet. Andrade again pushed Chookagian up against the cage, and though Chookagian broke free, Andrade knocked her to the ground with a powerful leg kick. Andrade worked the fight back to the cage again, with Chookagian throwing up knees to the body along the way.

Once Chookagian broke free from Andrade’s hold, she came at her opponent with more aggression, throwing more strikes and knees before Andrade again took her down, throwing a few more punches before Chookagian was able to get to her feet. The fighters separated following a hard hit to Chookagian’s body by Andrade, and Andrade followed up with a running start that led to a flying knee. It was another hard punch to the body, however, that led to Chookagian collapsing to the floor in pain, and the referee called an end to the fight with just five seconds left in the first round.

Main Event

Brian Ortega vs. Chan Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie)

The highly anticipated main event of this UFC Fight Night was a technical battle between two of the best featherweights in the division.

The Korean Zombie started the action with a flurry of punches, and Ortega countered with a strong leg kick. Both fighters then backed off and were selective with their punches and kicks, remaining cautious of each other while making their strikes count. With about 1:18 left, Ortega caught a kick from the Zombie and landed a hard hit to his jaw, knocking him down. The Zombie got back up, though, and each fighter got a few more solid strikes in before time ran out.

Round two saw an aggressive Zombie batter Ortega back to the cage briefly with a barrage of punches. Ortega shot for a takedown, scooping up one of his opponent’s legs, but the Zombie managed to defend. Jung pushed Ortega to the outside of the cage, landing a solid uppercut in the process. With about a minute left in the round, Ortega knocked the Zombie to the ground with a spinning elbow, setting up an action-packed exchange of fast, hard strike combos from both fighters. Ortega pushed Jung against the cage and managed to get him down, getting in a few elbows to the face before time ran out.

The third round saw Jung being more cautious, but still managing to control the center of the Octagon. Ortega remained creative with his approach, keeping his opponent guessing with level changes and strikes. He shot for a takedown, but the Zombie stayed on his feet, also dodging a spinning elbow from Ortega in the last few seconds before the round ended.

The Zombie wasted little time in pushing Ortega back to the cage in round four. Ortega landed a few quick strikes to the Zombie’s head, one of them opening up his face and releasing a stream of blood. Ortega scooped up a leg for a takedown, chasing Jung back to the cage and eventually getting him to the ground. As the Zombie got back up, he caught another elbow from Ortega. The referee paused the fight as blood began to run into Jung’s eye, but allowed the fight to continue. The Zombie pressured forward still, with both he and Ortega still keeping the pace up and being strategic with their punches and kicks. In the last fifteen seconds, Ortega again shot for a takedown, but wasn’t able to finish it before time ran out.

The fifth round saw both fighters staying true to their strategies, with Ortega staying light on his feet and changing levels frequently. Jung kept the pressure on his opponent, barely flinching when hit with some solid punches and keeping control of the center of the cage as blood poured down his face. As the clock wound down, both fighters cranked up the intensity as Jung charged forward, but neither was able to finish the other before time ran out.

The judges awarded Ortega the victory by unanimous decision.


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