F2W 168 Results: Nathiely De Jesus Taps Kendall Reusing To Retain Middleweight Gi Title

Fight 2 Win‘s third female-only event packed a lot of action into one evening, with impressive performances from women and girls of all ages shining in Austin, TX at F2W 168. The final two fights of the night were worthy of their co-main and main event positions, with fast-paced, technical expertise ending with some impressive submissions.

Co-Main Event

Luiza Monteiro vs. Vedha Toscano

Toscano immediately pulled guard, but Monteiro quickly passed and moved to attack an arm. Toscano defended and came on top, and Monteiro wasted no time in throwing up 50/50 and sending Toscana back to the ground. The two kept each other trapped on the ground, both maintaining sleeve grips, with Monteiro maintaining spider guard to keep Toscano controlled. As Toscano came back on top, Monteiro cleanly swept her and lay back for a kneebar, getting the tap in seconds.

Luiza Monteiro was declared the winner via kneebar.

Main Event

Nathiely de Jesus vs. Kendall Reusing

De Jesus kicked things off by pulling guard, and Reusing attacked a foot immediately after following her down. De Jesus escaped danger and pushed forward, getting past Reusing’s spider guard. Reusing defended by going to her knees, and de Jesus pressured down on her opponent’s back before the match got too close to the edge of the stage.

The competitors were reset on the feet, and both sat guard. De Jesus managed to get her legs around Reusing to establish closed guard, letting go after Reusing stood up. Reusing resumed trying to pass her opponent’s guard, but was thwarted by a sweep from de Jesus. Reusing then went for a sweep of her own, resulting in both athletes ending up in seated guard before de Jesus decided to come up, quickly getting past her opponent’s legs. Reusing turtled up and defended against de Jesus’ collar grips, getting her back taken just as the match moved toward the edge of the stage. The competitors began to go off the stage as Reusing fought against a choke from de Jesus, and the referee was forced to reset them with de Jesus on the back with her grips intact.

From there, it wasn’t long before de Jesus again locked in her choke, grips firmly on Reusing’s lapels. Reusing tapped with 3:31 left to go, and de Jesus was declared the winner, retaining her F2W middleweight title.

Full results to come shortly.


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