Francis Ngannou Defeats Stipe Miocic, Wins UFC Heavyweight Title

The Predator redeems himself against the Stone Cold Champion.

Francis Ngannou defeated UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic in their main event brawl at UFC 260. Ngannou ended the fight in round two with a massive The Cameroonian looked a completely improved martial artist, fixing key weaknesses present in his last contest against Miocic.

Round one saw a patient Ngannou measure distance against Miocic. Starting with a low kick, Ngannou followed up with a one two to the body. Miocic looked light on his feet, but a big right from Ngannou put the champ on alert. Miocic went in for a shot, But Ngannou showed his development with a sprawl and quick spin to take Miocic’s back. Ngannou unloaded with punches as the champ turtled up, but Miocic was able to get back to the feet before a finish. Undeterred, Ngannou launched a head kick on the still disoriented Miocic before returning to measuring distance. Save for a few straight rights, Ngannou didn’t look in a hurry to end things as the buzzer sounded. In five minutes, Ngannou had already displayed a herculean amount of improvement in the wrestling department.

In round two, Ngannou opened with a jab followed by a low kick to Miocic’s left leg. Miocic returned fire with a straight right, closing distance on Ngannou. But a left cross from Ngannou managed to drop Miocic against the cage, letting Ngannou follow up with bug unanswered strikes to the head. As Miocic returned to the feet, Ngannou fired another perfect left dropped him yet again. Before the champ could recover, and before the ref could end the fight, Ngannou launched a nuclear right hammerfist down on Miocic’s head. Ref Herb Dean lept onto Miocic, the fight was over.

Underneath the calls to fight Jon Jones and the praise of his victory, a formerly homeless man from Cameroon achieved one of the most remarkable feats in combat sports. This win brings Ngannou to a 16-3 record and Miocic to 20-4.


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