Vicente Luque Submits Tyron Woodley at UFC 260

The Chosen One is put down by the Silent Assassin.

Vicente Luque submitted former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in round one of their co-main bout at UFC 260.Utilizing the familiar D’arce choke Woodley used in his title defense against Darren Till, the BJJ brown belt saw his stock shoot the roof with his fast victory.

Woodley began much more aggressively than he typically does, going for big shots in the opening seconds. Luque gained control, putting Woodley against the cage to pepper him with knees and short shots. Woodley briefly broke free and returned to throwing combos, but Luque quickly put him right back against the cage to wear him down.

Freed again, Woodley shakes up the fight with a big right that wobbles Luque immensely. But just as the fight looked to turn, Luque returned to the pocket and landed a right of his own that sent Woodley careening towards the cage. Almost out on his feet, Woodley managed to land a right straight despite his possible concussion. Luque unloaded on the hurt Woodley, with another big shot dropping the former champ. Woodley went in on a single, but Luque was able to maintain top position as Woodley brought the fight to the ground. Seeing the finish, Luque snapped in the D’arce choke on the disoriented Woodley. Despote a short resistance, Luque’s tight lock made Woodley soon tap out at the 3:56 mark of round one.

Appreciative of his opponent’s skill, Luque credited his chin with keeping him on his feet. “I have a hard chin. I try not to use it, but it’s there,” Luque said in the post fight interview. He then called out standout competitior Nate Diaz for his next bout.

This leaves Luque with a 20-7-1 record, and Woodley with a 19-7-1.


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