Sean O’Malley KO’s Thomas Almeida at UFC 260

Sean O’Malley KO’s Tomas Almeida at UFC 260

The Sugar Show is back in town, and the MC has never moved faster.

Sean O’Malley is back in the win column with a third round KO of Thomas Almeida at UFC 260. The fight sent heartrates careening with a possible early end in round one, which spiraled into a tense back and forth before the highlight real finish.

Round one saw O’Malley enter with a ton of action on the feet, following early feints with several body shots to Almeida. Almeida controlled the center, but was soon moved to the cage as Sean evaded punches. After a large output of stylish kicks, a huge left head kick from O’Malley dropped Almeda to the floor, slumping him against the cage. Thinking he’d earned a walk off KO, O’Malley was surprised the reff urged him to continue. This gave Almeida time to get back to his feet, where he was able to recoup. Almeida landed a notable straight right before the round ended.

Round two began with a surprisingly sharp Almeida eat some low kicks before sweeping O’Malley briefly and then landing a huge low kick of his own. O’Malley started going in on side kicks, looking just as quick and evasive as round one. Almeida continued to throw shots, but found more of his low kicks landing. O’Malley fell going for a kick, but launched several heel strikes from his back rather than getting back to his feet. Almeida landed a kick on the left leg before the round ends.

Round three gave us two fighters who acted like they hadn’t just fought for 10 minutes. O’Malley continued to land low kicks, and Almeida began to hobble under the punishment. O’Malley began to close the distance, throwing big combos before quickly darting out of range. O’Malley threw a short left that finally wobbled Almeida, returning him to the floor. Not content to leave it this time, O’Malley threw a massive right to nail the coffin shut, putting Almeida out before even the reff could stop him. A short jump shot celebration later, and the win was given to O’Malley at 3:52 of round three.

“I got to prove a lot of stupid people stupid tonight,” O’Malley said in his post fight. This brings O’Malley to a 13-1 record, and Almeida to 22-5.


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