F2W 174 Results: Tex Johnson Defeats Lucas Barbosa, Raquel Canuto Submits Tubby Alequin

After a long night of matches, Fight 2 Win 174 finished up with a co-main and main event between some of the most elite jiu-jitsu athletes in the sport.

First, Raquel Canuto put on a dominant performance against Amanda “Tubby” Alequin in the co-main event, punctuating the match with a submission. Then, in the main event, Lucas Barbosa and Aaron “Tex” Johnson faced off in a match that went the distance.

Co-Main Event

Amanda “Tubby” Alequin vs. Raquel Canuto

Alequin started the match by pulling guard, with Canuto focusing her efforts on a double-unders pass. Canuto then locked onto a chinstrap and pushed forward to put Alequin on her back. Canuto kept the pressure on and focused on isolating Alequin’s exposed arm to lock on a triangle from the back. Alqeuin bridged and tried to roll out to defend, trapping a leg temporarily before Canuto adjusted her triangle. Alequin had very few options to escape, and as she rolled up to her knees, the submission tightened, and she tapped out with 2:37 left to go.

Raquel Canuto was declared the winner by submission.

Main Event

Aaron “Tex” Johnson vs. Lucas Barbosa

Johnson immediately pulled guard, and Barbosa went low to pass before getting caught up in his opponent’s closed guard. Barbosa lifted him up slightly for a slam, though he was unable to open Johnson’s guard. This continued for most of the match, with Johnson keeping Barbosa in his closed guard and Barbosa looking for slam opportunities from the knees. Finally, with about two minutes and thirty seconds to go, Johnson opened his guard, and Barbosa disengaged and removed his rashguard. Johnson chose to play open guard, and Barbosa tried to cartwheel pass, resulting in a scramble that sent both Barbosa and the referee off the stage. Barbosa continued trying to pass until the final twenty seconds, when he stepped in for a leg lock attempt and Johnson locked onto a heel hook attempt of his own. Barbosa rolled out of danger, but the attempt alone was enough to secure the win for Johnson.

Tex Johnson was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


Black Belts
  • Tex Johnson def. Lucas Barbosa
  • Raquel Canuto def. Amanda “Tubby” Alequin
  • Richar Nogueira def. Orlando Castillo
  • Breck Still def. Chris Haraszti
  • Alex Enriquez def. Fabiana Jorge
  • André Porfirio def. Sean McCleary
  • Eric Alequin def. Steele McCall
Brown Belt
  • Dan Dykeman def. Simon Davis
  • Daniel Smith def. Benjamin Endo
  • Peter New def. Mansa Musa Conteh
  • Faye Lynn Cherrier def. Julia Balmante
  • Thalys Pontes def. Foster Kennedy
  • Stefanie Kopacz def. Stephanie Williamson
Purple Belt
  • Mustafa Sadiq def. Lee Alarcon
  • Max Stiers def. Samuel Acord
  • Saulo dos Santos def. Grant Roszkowiak
  • Andre Cunha def. Jason Gibson
  • Carson Streicher def. Kegan Hamilton
  • Megan Bader def. Isabella Souza
  • Joshua Lorton def. Wade King
Blue Belts and Teens
  • Darby Jones def. Lainie Cassel
  • Veni Khamphavanh def. Jesse Dempsey
  • Trevor Neumann def. Javier Macias
  • Chris Harris def. Kyu Lee
  • Whitt Ramey def. Devon Graham
  • Brenden Boyd def. Brady Hylton
  • Travis Knight def. Joshua Rogers
  • Kevin Sherrill def. Joe Hulen
  • Tyler Vermilya def. Levi Keyser
  • Christian Davis def. Isaac Dunton


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