WNO: Jones vs. Ruotolo Results: Craig Jones Defeats Tye Ruotolo, Mikey Musumeci Dominates Against Junny Ocasio

After an action-packed night of matches at Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Ruotolo, we finally got to see Craig Jones take on Tye Ruotolo in a hard-fought match that ended up going the distance.

First, the co-main event of the evening saw Mikey Musumeci take on Edwin “Junny” Ocasio in another fifteen-minute match that put Musumeci’s straight ankle lock attacks to the test against Ocasio’s impressive defensive skills.

Co-Main Event

Mikey Musumeci vs. Edwin “Junny” Ocasio

Musumeci immediately sat guard, and Ocasio sat back to attack a leg. The two engaged in a leg-weaving game for a few moments before Ocasio disengaged. He wasted little time, however, in getting right back to the ground to try to attack a leg, though his efforts were hampered by Musumeci’s own leg attack attempts.

About three minutes in, Ocasio finally got a substantial entry with a hip lock, which Musumeci countered with an ankle lock attempt. Though Ocasio initially held on to the entanglement and even went for an ankle lock of his own for a moment, he was soon forced to focus on defense, rolling out of bounds to try to escape.

The referee restarted the competitors from the neutral position, and Musumeci pulled guard. The ten-minute mark showed the judges favoring Musumeci. Musumeci latched on to one of Ocasio’s legs again, going for a heel hook that Ocasio again rolled out of. Another reset saw Musumeci pulled guard again, Ocasio stepping out of danger as his opponent went for a heel again. Musumeci didn’t take long to jump back onto another straight ankle lock, which Ocasio successfully pulled away from. After more guard pass attempts from Ocasio, Musumeci again tried for a straight ankle lock and then another leg lock attempt that Ocasio rolled out of.

The five-minute mark came with the judges favoring Musumeci. He continued trying to land straight ankle locks, coming up only briefly before pulling guard again as Ocasio moved to his feet. With under a minute to go, Ocasio and Musumeci both went for a leg entry, which Musumeci abandoned to come up and go for a guillotine, quickly switching to an anaconda as the clock wound down from ten seconds. The submission attempt was tight, but he wasn’t able to finish it before time ran out.

Mikey Musumeci was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Craig Jones vs. Tye Ruotolo

The athletes began by wrestling on the feet, with the first major moment of action happening when a footsweep gave Jones the opportunity to force Ruotolo down and clamp on a body lock. Ruotolo escaped, but moments later, Jones kicked one of Ruotolo’s legs back and got to his back, chasing him to the ground as Ruotolo tried his best to roll out of danger. The competitors were stopped at the edge of the mats with Jones in close contact with Ruotolo’s guard.

Ruotolo shot in for a leg from the bottom, and Jones defended with heavy pressure. Jones successfully got a body lock pass before finding himself on the receiving end of a buggy choke attempt. Though Ruotolo didn’t manage to get the submission, he did get his guard back, pushing Jones’ face away with a smother. Jones resumed trying to pass his opponent’s guard, Ruotolo attempting a straight ankle lock in the process. With eight minutes left, Ruotolo created enough space to allow him to bring the match to the feet.

Jones then rolled beneath Ruotolo and went for a kneebar. Ruotolo avoided immediate danger, but Jones stayed on the leg until Ruotolo managed to untangle himself, leaving Jones on top. A body lock pass from Jones again put him in danger of Ruotolo’s buggy choke, but he was able to escape and return to working on passing. With just under three minutes, Ruotolo went in on a kneebar of his own, which Jones defended. After Jones returned to passing attempts, he narrowly avoided a triangle choke attempt from Ruotolo.

The final ten seconds saw Ruotolo make one more attempt at a leg attack before being thwarted by Jones’ pressure.

Craig Jones was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Full Results:


  • Danielle Kelly def. Jessie Crane via kneebar
  • Kody Steele def. Phillip Rowe via decision
  • Haisam Rida def. Miha Perhavec via armbar

Main Card:



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