Kade Ruotolo Wins With Another Buggy Choke At WNO: Jones Vs. Ruotolo

Just a few matches before his brother took the stage in the main event of Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Ruotolo, CJJ Worlds lightweight champion Kade Ruotolo submitted Cole Franson with an unconventional submission that he’s quickly becoming known for.

Franson immediately sat guard, and Ruotolo got to work trying to pass. Ruotolo went for a diving choke attempt, which Franson defended. Ruotolo tried stepping on his opponent’s leg to pass, then sat back for a leg lock attempt that Franson successfully escaped. Franson inverted beneath his opponent, and Ruotolo capitalized to nearly take the back. Franson defended again and forced his opponent to return to trying to pass the guard.

Ruotolo finally got past Franson’s guard at a bit under the twelve-minute mark, though Franson’s guard recovery made it tough for him to keep it. As Franson came up from the guard position, Ruotolo wrapped up his neck. Franson rolled over and came up on top, driving his shoulder into Ruotolo’s face. In an instant, though, Ruotolo brought his arms and legs up to wrap up the buggy choke, needing to hold it for only a few moments before Franson tapped with 9:46 left to go.

Kade Ruotolo was declared the winner by submission.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ruotolo claim victory with the buggy choke — he won his CJJ Worlds title by submitting PJ Barch with it back in November.


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