F2W 176 Results: Junny Ocasio Retains No-Gi Bantamweight Title In Match Against Bebeto Oliveira

Photo By: Kyu Lee

F2W 176 finished off the night with two exciting matches, one between Samir Chantre and Orlando Castillo and then a main event title match between Edwin “Junny” Ocasio and Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira. In the end, Ocasio retained his no-gi bantamweight title in a fast-paced, close match.

Co-Main Event

Samir Chantre vs. Orlando Castillo

Castillo pulled guard, and Chantre avoided a sweep by moving to pass. He then attempted a berimbolo to take the back, but Castillo successfully defended the attack. A scramble ensued, resulting in Chantre returning to his guard passing attempts. Chantre closed the distance and worked on a knee-cut pass. The athletes struggled in this position for a while, with Castillo keeping Chantre in his half-guard and tried to work a sweep. Chantre attempted a straight ankle lock in the final seconds, but it wasn’t enough to finish the match before time ran out.

Samir Chantre was declared the winner by split decision.

Main Event

Edwin “Junny” Ocasio vs. Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira

Both athletes started the match by pulling guard, but Oliveira quickly got to his feet and worked on trying to pass. Ocasio searched for a leg attack opportunity by inverting, and Oliveira was able to step out of danger. Ocasio was finally successful in closing the distance just past the seven-minute mark and attacked a leg. Oliveira rolled out and resumed hand-fighting while Ocasio played guard. A minute later, Oliveira spun around and sat back for a kneebar, which Ocasio successfully defended.

Four minutes and thirty seconds to go, and Oliveira attempted an Estima lock briefly before bailing when Ocasio countered with a leg attack. The competitors were reset after nearing the edge of the stage, and Oliveira resumed trying to pass Ocasio’s guard. This battle continued for the rest of the match, and neither Ocasio nor Oliveira was able to submit the other before the clock ran out.

Junny Ocasio was declared the winner by unanimous decision and retained his no-gi bantamweight title.


Black Belts
  • Edwin “Junny” Ocasio def. Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira
  • Samir Chantre def. Orlando Castillo
  • Gustavo Batista def. Tex Johnson
  • Chris Conway def. Wilbert Bailey
  • Suellen Lima def. Erin Johnson
  • Fabiana Jorge def. Jenna Osuna
  • Hunter Colvin def. Hiago Adao
  • Cesar Miyahra def. Blake Dvorak
  • Matt Paul def. Isiah Wright
  • Joshua Sauseda def. David Lucarelli
  • Joe Baize def. Jeff Ake
  • Walker Madden def. Guilherme Cordiviola
  • Augusto Maciel def. Hanes Barbosa
  • Jeremy Hastings def. Chris Gabrielson
Brown Belts
  • Tayler Wiedeman def. Celine Haga
  • Joshua Baerwolf def. Dan Pankey
  • Rachel Ranschau def. Jesse Wright
  • TJ Steinebach def. Dalton Grinstead
  • Courtney King def. Erin Stolzman
  • David Wenig def. James Drebenstedt
  • Jonathan Wilson def. Mike Alfieri
  • Troy Everett def. Anthony Santiago
Purple Belts
  • Lindsay Titoni def. Avery Harter
  • Helena Crevar def. Jess Baker
  • Preston Merrill def. Casey Barnum
  • Josh Taylor def. Dante Liberato
  • Aaron Holderman def. Ryan Dittman
  • Jon Nelson-Griffith def. James Hardee
  • Sarah Swiatek def. Brittany Borders
  • Ana Mayordomo Garcia def. Stephanie Cline
  • Brian Lupo def. Carlos Espinosa
  • Tyrell Anderson def. Andrew Nott
  • Chad Myers def. James Borders
  • Taylor Termentozzi def. Nick Ferando
  • Michael Mccann def. Brandon Ferguson
  • Mike Esparza def. Jamil Coleman
Blue Belts and Teens
  • Jacob Hawthorne def. Jonathon Peters
  • Caleb Crump def. Josh Fremd
  • Robert Spinella def. Christopher Sturgeon
  • Riley Golden def. Josh Key
  • Trey Ramsdell def. Nathan Sulentic
  • Xavier Wright def. Anthony Meyer
  • Sam Castro def. Royal Campos
  • Crystal Robertson def. Anna Williams
  • Nathan Segal def. Tristan Coleman
  • Samuel West def. Chris Armour
  • Wilson Sojo def. Joshua Kines
  • Michael Salgado def. John Caughey
  • Sarah Teschner def. Heather Van Wynen
  • Jade Hernandez def. Bella Ziesler


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