F2W 178 Results: Victor Hugo Retains Super Heavyweight Gi Title Against Guilherme Augusto

Fight 2 Win put on another exciting event tonight, this time in Arizona with a super heavyweight gi title on the line.

Prior to the co-main event of the evening, Xande Ribeiro put on another impressive performance to pull out a unanimous decision victory over Fellipe Trovo. In the penultimate match of the evening, Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho claimed victory in a tough match against Pedro Dias, and in the main event, Victor Hugo put his super heavyweight gi title on the line against the formidable Guilherme Augusto.

Co-Main Event

Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho vs. Pedro Dias

Dias attempted a foot sweep and then pulled guard, wrapping himself around Queixinho’s right leg. He returned to his feet, and Queixinho jumped guard. The competitors were reset in the center after venturing too close to the edge, and Queixinho soon returned to his feet. Queixinho pulled guard again and worked in a lasso, establishing grips and playing from guard for a while before returning to his feet for just a moment and pulling guard again. Queixinho used his lasso to help topple his opponent over, quickly coming on top and nearly passing Dias’ guard. However, Dias was able to scramble his way out of trouble.

The athletes returned to their feet, and Queixinho established a double grip on Dias’ lapel. Queixinho pulled guard again and tipped Dias over his head, nearly resulting in a sweep to mount, but Dias was able to keep the top position. The athletes came too close to the edge of the stage again as Queixinho worked from guard, and the referee reset them in a neutral standing position in the center. Another guard pull from Queixinho with two minutes to go, and he worked in another lasso. Dias continued trying to pass, and Queixinho worked to isolate a leg as the clock wound down from the last minute mark. In the last thirty seconds, he latched himself onto a foot lock, going belly-down and trying his hardest to finish the submission, but wasn’t able to get the tap before time ran out.

Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Victor Hugo vs. Guilherme Augusto

After some grip-fighting on the feet, Hugo pulled guard, working himself into spider guard and then closed guard. As Augusto tried to pass, Hugo elevated him and inverted, eventually having to work his way back to the lasso. With about four minutes left, Augusto cranked up the pace with his passing attempts, and Hugo took one of his opponent’s lapels in his grasp, working in another lasso.

As Augusto made another attempt to pass, Hugo inverted and spun beneath his opponent, elevating Augusto and isolating a leg. The clock wound down from a minute and thirty seconds, and Hugo hunted for a straight foot lock and then a kneebar. Augusto stood up to defend against it, then fell back in the final seconds of the match, giving Hugo one final chance to hunt for a submission before time ran out.

Victor Hugo was declared the winner by unanimous decision and retained his super heavyweight title.

Full results to come.


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