UFC Vegas 32 Results: TJ Dillashaw Defeats Cory Sandhagen By Split Decision

Sandhagen opened the fight with a leg kick, and Dillashaw came back with a kick to the body that Sandhagen caught, then a punch combo that Sandhagen countered with punches of his own. Another leg kick from Sandhagen. Then, Sandhagen threw a flying knee that sent him over the back of Dillashaw. He locked in a reverse triangle, and though it was tight, Dillashaw postured out of it, and the fighters traded blows from Sandhagen’s guard. Dillashaw got to Sandhagen’s back, though wasn’t able to get hooks in as Sandhagen got to his feet. They broke away from the fence, and after trading strikes, Dillashaw capitalized on a back kick attempt from his opponent to reach the back. Sandhagen rolled through, and Dillashaw came up with a collar tie. Dillashaw landed a strong left hand that didn’t appear to faze his opponent too much. Dillashaw followed up another combo by grabbing the back, driving Sandhagen against the fence, and then bringing him to the ground. He ultimately ended up inside Sandhagen’s guard, trying to pass as Sandhagen threw up kicks and tried to isolate a leg. Dillashaw knocked him loose with a few big punches to the head and locked up the clinch against the fence just before the round finished.

Round two saw Dillashaw follow up a leg kick from Sandhagen by driving him to the cage in the clinch. Sandhagen broke free and returned to the center of the octagon, catching a body kick from Dillashaw and following him as he stumbled forward, but unable to capitalize. The fighters traded combos and kicks, and Sandhagen landed a strong right uppercut. A barrage of punches from Sandhagen wobbled Dillashaw and sent him to the ground, where he grabbed onto Sandhagen’s leg and brought him to the ground with him. Both fighters ended up scrambling to their feet. The fighters went back and forth exchanging punches and kicks, with Dillashaw now bleeding significantly from his face. The fight was paused to clean Dillashaw up and slow the bleeding, and Sandhagen wasted no time in going after him again as soon as the action resumed. Dillashaw followed up with some aggression of his own, chasing his opponent backward with a flurry of punches, and eventually got to Sandhagen’s back from standing. He managed to get a couple knees and an elbow in before round two finished.

Sandhagen charged forward to start round three, and Dillashaw punished him for it with a few hard hits to the head. A few kicks and punches were traded, and then Dillashaw drove his opponent into the cage in the clinch. Sandhagen broke free after being on the receiving end of a few knees to the leg and followed up with some strong right hands, Dillashaw’s cut weeping blood into his eye. A spinning back kick from Sandhagen landed over Dillashaw’s shoulder, and Dillashaw used it to drive him back onto the ground. Dillashaw worked past his opponent’s guard and got to the back, but Sandhagen managed to get to his feet and break free. As the clock wound down to the final minute of the third round, the fighters traded leg kicks, and Dillashaw again drove Sandhagen to the fence in the clinch. Sandhagen broke free and shot for a takedown, ending up on the bottom as Dillashaw sprawled and again chased the back. He got Sandhagen against the cage and landed a few more strikes before the bell, and Sandhagen threw a late punch that sparked some protest from Dillashaw, but no other consequence.

Round four saw an aggressive Dillashaw come forward with punches and leg kicks. A minute in, Dillashaw connected with a body lock and forced Sandhagen against the cage to batter his legs with knees. Sandhagen came back with some solid hits after breaking free, but it wasn’t long before Dillashaw connected again and forced Sandhagen back to the fence in the clinch. More knees from Dillashaw before Sandhagen broke out of the clinch, and it wasn’t long before Dillashaw drove him back to the cage again with just over a minute left in the round, getting a few more knees to the legs before they went back to the center. A spinning back from Sandhagen hit its mark just before the round ended and the fight went into the final few minutes.

Dillashaw opened round five with leg kick attempts. The fighters traded blows, with Sandhagen staying active on his feet to prevent getting backed up against the cage. Still, it was less than a minute and a half before Dillashaw was able to close the distance and drive his opponent to the ground from the back. Sandhagen was quick to return to his feet and broke free from Dillashaw, but soon found himself against the cage in the clinch under Dillashaw’s control. Sandhagen created space again, and the fighters worked in the center and exchanged punches. Dillashaw found an opening and drove Sandhagen back into the fence, landing a solid one-two as Sandhagen escaped his clutches yet again. Dillashaw chased Sandhagen back with more punches and connected again in the clinch to keep his opponent pinned against the fence. Under a minute to go, and the fighters put their remaining energy into throwing as many big strikes as they could. Neither was able to finish the fight early, and the decision went to the judges.

TJ Dillashaw was awarded the split decision victory.



  • Diana Belbita def. Hannah Goldy via decision
  • Sijara Eubanks def. Elise Reed via TKO (Round 1)
  • Julio Arce def. Andre Ewell via TKO (Round 2)
  • Mickey Gall def. Jordan Williams via rear naked choke (Round 1)
  • Nassourdine Imavov def. Ian Heinisch via TKO (Round 2)
  • Brendan Allen def. Punahele Soriano via decision

Main Card

  • Adrian Yanez def. Randy Costa via TKO (Round 2)
  • Maycee Barber def. Miranda Maverick via decision
  • Darren Elkins def. Darrick Minner via TKO (Round 2)
  • Raulian Paiva def. Kyler Phillips via decision
  • TJ Dillashaw def. Cory Sandhagen via split decision



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