Sapateiro 24: Men’s & Women’s Tournament, Plus 14 Superfights Set For Saturday

The Sapateiro Invitational is gearing up for their 24th event, set to take place this weekend, and it’s looking like it’ll be one of their best cards yet.

Sapateiro 24 will have a lot to offer, including a sixteen-man tournament, an eight-woman tournament, and an impressive fourteen superfights featuring local talent and some of the best rising stars in the submission grappling scene.

Among the big names for the men’s tournament are John Danaher purple belt Damien Anderson and two-time CJJ veteran Jordan Holy.

Men’s tournament lineup:

  • Damien Anderson
  • Jordan Holy
  • Werther Marciales
  • Emilio Hernandez
  • Mike Lugo
  • Jay Enoch
  • Mike Navarette
  • Fabian Ramirez
  • Colo Toro Santana
  • Manning Leverett
  • Shawn Arcelay
  • Chris Crawford
  • Hank Henry
  • Drew Kratky
  • Court Shaw
  • Dylan Garofalo

Holy’s wife, BJJ brown belt Alana Holy, will be competing in the women’s tournament, along with brown belt 2020 Pans double-champ Alex Enriquez.

Women’s tournament lineup:

  • Alex Enriquez
  • Alana Holy
  • Nekiaya Jackson
  • Bee Ryu
  • Brianna Parocha
  • Natalie Gage
  • Rita Rojas
  • Kammi Schock

The superfights will also feature a few big names, particularly ADCC veteran John Combs and Tom DeBlass black belt Joe Baize.

  • Joe Baize vs. Sam Barbosa
  • John Combs vs. Elijah Carlton
  • Adrian Nez vs. John Gunther
  • Jordan More vs. Josh Hightower
  • Matt Ferraiolo vs. Tony Way
  • Clayton Lyon vs. Steven Koslow
  • Joey Lugo vs. Noah Wyatt
  • Joshua Richards vs. Andrew Nevins
  • Dylan Cameron vs. Tyler Martin
  • Pat Shahgholi vs. Duke Morrison
  • JR Caballero vs. Reid Lohrey
  • Brandon Walker vs. Sedric Louissaint
  • Tom Peurifoy vs. David Fitzgerald
  • Lamar Dulin vs. Chris Rodriguez

Sapateiro 24 takes place tomorrow, July 24, and can be streamed live on Combat on Demand.



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