F2W 179: Kennedy Maciel & Joshua Cisneros Face Off In Highly Anticipated Rematch Tonight

Fight 2 Win returns tonight for F2W 179, and fans who have their eyes on the stage will get to see Kennedy Maciel and Joshua Cisneros run it back after one of the most intense F2W matches we’ve seen so far this year.

To refresh your memory, the last time Maciel and Cisneros faced off on the stage was in April, exactly ten events ago at F2W 169. The match was intense from start to finish, with Cisneros looking dominant for the vast majority of it. But in the last thirty seconds, Maciel worked his way to his opponent’s back, locking in a rear naked choke and getting the tap with just ten seconds left. The win meant that he kept his lightweight title, but tonight, Cisneros will get the chance to avenge his loss.

While the F2W match was the most recent competitive showing for Maciel, Cisneros has since gone on to claim silver at both the Houston Open and No-Gi Pans. It would’ve been a mistake to underestimate him in his last match against Maciel, and the same is true for their rematch.

The co-main event will also be sure to bring the action as Karen Antunes and Gabi McComb face off against each other. Both competitors are F2W veterans and decorated athletes, with Antunesbeing a world champion in both gi and no-gi, in addition to holding a title from Pans in 2018. McComb has two titles from Pans in the gi and two in no-gi as well, most recently taking featherweight gold at No-Gi Pans earlier this year.

A few other big-name athletes, such as Gabriel AlmeidaTracey Goodell, Heather Raftery, and Jaime Canuto, will also be taking their place on the stage earlier in the evening.

You can view the full card below:

  • Rachel Bass vs Chelsea Ibison
  • Nolan Field vs Yin Redman
  • Vanessa Aguirre vs Brianna Reyes
  • Etienne Ruiz vs Besnik Gashi
  • Adrian Lopez vs Daniel Dominguez
  • Brayden Johnson Brown vs Cassius Clayton
  • Ivanna Odle vs Nyah Mendoza
  • Alex Priestley vs Matthew Garcia
  • William Frain vs Gio Letona
  • Alejandro Ventura vs Cesar Nunez
  • Derrick Flaig vs Joe McClellan
  • Eric Kwan vs Ryan Cramer
  • Michaela Jones vs Kayla Marie Reagan
  • Adrian Galindo vs James Cannon jr
  • Seth Wheeler vs Drew Files
  • Lorenzo Barsch vs Chance Odle
  • Kate Gondales vs Mary Deisy Held
  • Tony Martinez vs Michael Ayala
  • Joseph Bowers vs Brogan Whitington
  • Shane Bridges vs Kinten Johnson
  • Chad Myers vs Robert Galvan
  • Tyler Metcalf vs Adrian Fuentes
  • Alex Benikov vs Tony Romero
  • Nicole Pavicich vs Karla Shellhammer
  • Dani Allen vs David Miller
  • Gabriel De Los Santos vs John Ibison
  • Michael Cashman vs Chris Academia
  • Rolando Collantes vs Sergio Camacho
  • Vincent Vallejo vs Robert Graham
  • Oscar De Los Santos vs Erik Anderson
  • Charlie Swanton vs Parker Lapp
  • Heather Raftery vs Tracey Goodell
  • Suyan Queiroz vs Matt Blank
  • Jay Shellhammer vs Alex Martinez
  • Josh Rodriguez vs Geoff Real
  • Matthew Mamolen vs Austin Wourms
  • Jackson Douglas de Carvalho Batista vs Josh Guerra
  • Aaron Wilson vs Christopher William Hargett
  • Gabriel Almedia vs Bruce Xavier
  • Gerson Atoigue vs Jordan Gomez
  • Steve Hargett vs Paul Nava
  • Jaime Canuto vs Jeferson Guaresi
  • Jeremy Hastings vs Victor Emanuel
  • Karen Antunes vs Gabrielle Mc Comb
  • Josh Cisneros vs Kennedy Maciel

F2W 179 takes place tonight and can be streamed on FloGrappling.


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