F2W 179 Results: Josh Cisneros Wins Rematch Against Kennedy Maciel To Claim Lightweight Title

F2W 179 was everything fans hoped it would be, with a close match between Gabi McComb and Karen Antunes getting the crowd hyped up before the main event — a rematch for the lightweight title between Josh Cisneros and defending champ Kennedy Maciel.

Co-Main Event

Gabi McComb vs. Karen Antunes

Antunes searched for a foot sweep, but McComb beat her to the punch and pulled guard. Antunes spared no time or effort in working to pass, and McComb kept her at bay with solid grips and frames. The athletes reached a stalemate as Antunes worked her way to the side, but was prevented from completing the pass due to McComb’s persistent guard. Antunes worked her leg free, and a scramble ensued, nearly leading to a submission or positional gain for her, but McComb defended well and worked her way into single-leg x with an arm wrapped around her opponent’s leg. McComb topped Antunes and went for a straight ankle lock, which Antunes successfully defended before capitalizing on her escape to try to take the back and then trying to work her way to mount. McComb again defended and returned to playing single-leg x guard.

Finally, as McComb searched for a sweep opportunity, Antunes found an opening and got past the legs to side control. She stayed low and heavy on her opponent, not giving McComb any opportunities to create space to escape. With just under a minute to go, McComb inverted and recovered her guard, and the athletes returned to their feet briefly before McComb pulled guard again. Thirty seconds left, and Antunes drove hard with her passing attempts as McComb gave it her all in retaining her guard. Time ran out without either competitor getting a submission.

Gabi McComb was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Kennedy Maciel vs. Joshua Cisneros

Cisneros started the action by jumping for a guillotine attempt, and Maciel caught a single leg on his way back down to the stage. A final trip brought Cisneros down to the mat, and Maciel worked his way to the back into a crucifix, locking up a kimura trap on an arm. Maciel took a risk and threw his leg over Cisneros’ head to try to go for an armbar, but Cisneros quickly escape and returned to his feet while Maciel played guard.

With just over four and a half minutes to go, Cisneros found an opening and moved to isolate an arm, leaving Maciel to scramble to protect himself. Cisneros transitioned to an armbar and them a kimura trap, and Maciel got to his knees and based out to try to pull his arm out. A slam wasn’t enough to dislodge Cisneros, who stayed on the kimura hold. Just over two minutes left, and Cisneros finally pulled Maciel’s arm out and nearly got the kimura, and Maciel escaped the shoulder lock only to fall into Cisneros’ triangle choke. Maciel continued to defend, and Cisneros switched his triangle hold to the other side, where he held Maciel until time ran out.

Josh Cisneros was declared the winner by unanimous decision and claimed the F2W no-gi lightweight title.




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