Fabricio Werdum Charges His Way To Unanimous Decision Victory Over Marcin Tybura

Fabricio Werdum

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum will be leaving the Land Down Under with another “W” next to his name after triumphing in a hard fought battle over Poland’s Marcin Tybura.

Tybura struck first but Werdum returned. Fabricio charged in and tagged his opponent with punches. Werdum on the inside and landed a body kick. Fabricio charged in again with punches…and again. Body kick by Werdum and he chased his opponent. Fabricio went for a takedown, immediately let go, but then took Tybura’s back. He pressed Tybura against the cage. He wrestled him down, tried to take the back on the way down, but he fell off of Tybura’s back and Marcin turned the tables, taking his back. It was too late for him to do anything, though, as the round ended.

Tybura took the center in the second, but Fabricio charged in. Marcin with a leg kick. Jab by Werdum and he tried a flying knee but stumbled back afterwards. Leg kick by Marcin followed by a knee to the body. Fabricio charged in with a punch, taking the center of the cage. Marcin hit a nice head kick but Werdum stayed in it. Tybura went high again. Uppercut by Fabricio and he charged in again. Another charge by Werdum. Fabricio attempted a spinning back kick and followed with a punch and high kick as the round came to a close.

Round 3. More leg kicks by Tybura and a kick to the body. Flying knee by Fabricio touched the chin of Marcin and he followed up with a high kick. Tybura still went strong, though. High kick by Marcin, but Fabricio caught it. Knee by Fabricio. Werdum stalked Tybura around the perimeter and attempted a spinning back fist. Werdum tagged Marcin again and again, and Tybura looked hurt. He was still in it as the round drew to a close, though.

Fabricio started out Round 4 with a 1-2. Body kick by Tybura followed by a knee kick, but Fabricio returned with his own kick to the leg and then a single leg. He didn’t finish the single, but was able to take the back again. Tybura was able to turn towards Werdum, though, and the two ended up in the center of the cage again. Werdum went for a high kick but Marcin got out of the way. Werdum landed a knee in the clinch. Later, he landed a takedown and ended up in half guard. There were two minutes left and a lot of time for him to work. Werdum struggled to pass to mount. Fabricio made his way around to side control, but Marcin scrambled his way back up. Tybura then went for his own takedown, but ended up in a guillotine. Luckily, the clock ran out before Fabricio could do to him what he did to Cain.

Final round. The two started out by slapping hands. Marcin must have known he needed this round because he rocked Werdum early. Sadly for him, it wasn’t enough to finish the fight. Body kick by Marcin followed by knee by Fabricio. Spinning back fist by Fabricio but Marcin tagged him. Werdum still looked fresh, though. Big head kick by Marcin, but Fabricio charged in. Knee to the chin again by Werdum. Flurry by Werdum followed by a high kick. Tybura was still in it, though, and attempted a flurry of his own, but Werdum kept fighting back.

Overall, Fabricio Werdum was the more aggressive fighter and landed the most shots. In the end, it paid off and earned him the unanimous decision victory.



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