Female Mixed Martial Artist Versus Internet Guy Is Back On

The fight between female mixed martial artist Tara LaRosa and internet “troll” Kristopher Zylinski is back, and it’s going down January 22.

The news was announced on Mcdojolife literally less than five minutes before the time of this writing.

The fight was originally supposed to go down in the first week of January, but it was cancelled due to problems with the state.

Though the fight is back on, it will not be live streamed through Mcdojolife’s Facebook page:

“We will not be live streaming,” Mcdojolife told the Jiu-Jitsu Times via Facebook private message.  “It is being recorded and then posted. We want to live stream so damn bad but unfortunately because of how it went last time we are not taking that risk.”

The incident started when Zylinski stated on social media that “99% of women are too weak and lack the reflexes to do enough damage to stop 99% of men.”

So far, two different female mixed martial artists were prepared to step inside the cage in order to prove Zylinski wrong, but all were injured before they had the chance to fight. Tara is the third female MMA fighter willing to take on Zylinski.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will update this post as information becomes available.

Check out the Facebook post below:

Remember that thing some of you thought wasn’t going to happen….. The wait is almost over!!! #Rolljunkie #McDojoLife

Posted by Mcdojolife on Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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