Ffion Davies, Craig Jones, Gordon Ryan, & More: Here Are Your 2019 ADCC Finalists

The semifinals have concluded, and now, we’re eagerly awaiting the finals here at ADCC.

The day is moving fast, with plenty of action-packed matches keeping the crowd on their feet. We’ll see some familiar (and expected) faces working to earn gold, but there have been a few upsets that have shocked both spectators and the competitors themselves.

Here are your official 2019 ADCC finalists:


Duarte defeats Buchecha via referee decision; Rodriguez defeats Cyborg via referee decision.
Finals: Duarte vs. Rodriguez


Ryan defeats Barbosa via points; Gazola defeats Magalhaes via points.
Finals: Ryan vs. Gazola


Jones defeats Blank via submission; Diniz defeats Hinger via points.
Finals: Jones vs. Diniz


Torres defeats Tonon via points; Rocha defeats Leon via referee decision.
Finals: Torres vs. Rocha


Mendes defeats Miyao via referee decision; Maciel defeats Ruotolo via points.
Finals: Tanquinho vs. Maciel


Garcia defeats Vieira via referee decision; Santi defeats Porfirio via referee decision.
Finals: Garcia vs. Santi


Davies defeats Mesquita via submission; Basilio defeats Karppinen via points.
Finals: Davies vs. Basilio

Keep an eye out for our continued coverage of ADCC 2019, and make sure you’re watching the event live as it happens on FloGrappling!


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