Kaynan Duarte Defeats Nick Rodriguez To Become ADCC +99kg Champion

The +99kg division at ADCC has been a wild ride from start to finish, and now, we finally have our winner.

The competitors spent a large portion of the match on their feet trying to outwrestle each other, cheered on by enthusiastic spectators chanting “USA” or, alternatively, booing. Finally, the competitors stumbled their way to the ground, with Rodriguez trying to pass Duarte’s guard as the crowd started the Wave.

Duarte attempted a sweep that transformed into a leg lock attempt, but Rodriguez escaped and resumed his guard passing attempts. After nearly getting his back taken by Rodriguez, Duarte then secured a body triangle onto Rodriguez and started working choke attempts with about seven minutes left to go. In the last minute of the match, Rodriguez was able to escape Duarte’s back control and attempted to scramble to take his back, but the clock ran out first, and Duarte was declared the winner via points.


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